Earthquake measuring 7.5 magnitude causes tsunami in Indonesia


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An earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hit Indonesia on Friday triggering mass panic in the city of Palu in Indonesia which is home to 335000 people. A video appeared showing big ocean waves hitting the city of Palu in Indonesia.

These kind of earthquakes do not produce Tsunamis which led to authorities lifting off the Tsunami warning. But it was later believed to have caused tsunami. As of now the Death toll has passed 300 and is expected to rise. It has been 14 years since the region has experienced Tsunami waves of this nature. In 2004 a massive earthquake of magnitude 9.1 caused a major Tsunami in the recent history killing more than 200000 people across the continent.

Indonesia which is prone to earthquakes and volcanic erruptions due to its area of location of ring of fire. This is the second Tsunami of this decade to have been captured on camera after the 2011 tsunami in Japan.